Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anna Radosz Day

This blog is a commemoration to Anna Radosz, a 27 year old Polish woman who died so that her child may live.

In this world of selfishness, where children are killed in the womb out of convenience, Anna paid the ultimate sacrifice. She could have saved her own life by killing her child in the womb, but she didn't. Anna waited until her child would have a chance to live before giving birth and then taking treatment for cancer. Unfortunately for Anna, her child and her partner, it was too late, the cancer had spread to her lungs and elsewhere.

What can you do every May 18th to commemorate the courage and unselfish act of Anna Radosz?

> donate money
> help at an old folks home
> work a soup kitchen
> sponsor a child
> go to an abortion mill & help pray
> help the Pro-Life movement. Go to & see what you can do to help people live.
> pray for her son Oscar and her partner Daniel, but still do something to help others as well

Spread the word. Make May 18th Anna Radosz day every year.